Pachamama Chrysocolla

left behind a secure life with all modern boxes ticked: education, career, money, home, 40 pairs of high heels… I went to Indonesia for a year to study arts. That year changed my life.

During that time I learned to see the value of life, of every single moment. I learned to appreciate “little” things like food and shelter, people and love. That year started me out and since then I have been following the same path of seeking, learning and growing. I live off my jewelry, sometimes I actually work for money. Most of the time I travel and do work exchanges.

I have spent months working with horses in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Spain, with the loveliest people in the incredible countryside of Vermont, US and with a real horse whisperer in Hungary.

I have done some farm work too in the amazing scenery of South of Spain, on a Mennonite style farm in Belize, and on the Highlands of Bogota.

Hostel work cannot be missing from my repertoire either. While working in hostels, I fell in love with traveling in my first bar job in Hungary, enjoyed a unique city life in Kuala Lumpur, hiked the mountains of the Lake District in England, lived a jungle life in Guatemala, surfed in the Pacific in Ecuador and enjoyed the magic of the Canary Islands.

Slow traveling is what keeps me going, to adapt, absorb, learn and grow.

Follow me and join my adventures!

All words and photos © Beata Czifrik.