How old are we really?

How would we define our age if we didn’t have the concept of ageing in numbers? What would our answer be to the question:

“How old are you?”

What are we really trying to convey by telling
our age? The number is a measurement of a slow expiration in our societies. The higher the number, the less your value is.

But if we take out the numbers from our life progression, with what concepts could I make you understand where I really am in life?

How old am I really?

Old enough to have loved.
Old enough to have had my heart broken and re-built many times.
Old enough to have been decieved, cheated, abused and hurt.
Old enough to have forgiven.
Old enough to have traveled the world.
Old enough to have faced death.
Old enough to have gotten to know myself, my true self.
Old enough to have accepted my darkness together with my light.
Old enough to have learnt many trades.
Old enough to have learnt many languages.


Not old enough to have lost a parent.
Not old enough to have seen a child fly out of home.
Not old enough to say my times were different.
Old enough to accept and learn from my past.
Old enough to know how to support myself.
Old enough to know how to plant seeds.
Old enough to live a life I choose to.
Old enough not to worry about other’s expectations.
Old enough not to regret.
Old enough to take the risk of losing everything for the unknown.
Old enough to know there is no risk.
Old enough to love.
Old enough to be able to decide who and what is for me.
Old enough to love myself.
Old enough to be content on my own.
Old enough to embrace what is.
Old enough to trust my intuition.
Old enough to have my own understanding of the Universe.
Old enough to live in peace.
Old enough to die in peace.


Can you understand my progress in life now?

Would it be of more value to you if I said I’ve just turned 33?


Embrace your Self my friends! You are just getting more and more beautiful each moment, inside and out  : )

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