How real is happiness?

You know those people who are always happy? You know, the ones who are always smiling when you meet them. Who are always positive and light your day up? Whom you can talk to and then everything seems easier? Who inspire you?

You know, the ones who think like: Why ruin someone else’s day if we can make it nicer? Why be grumpy if that will just make things worse? Why worry if everything will be alright anyway?

Are these people really happy? Does the ever-present polish over their beautiful lives ever blur? Do they sometimes feel like it’s all just pretence? Is it a lie to share merely a portion of the truth?

The day comes when doubts creep into their hearts. Or should I say our hearts instead? I am one of those people. One of those who always seem happy. But difficulties, hardship and trouble do not spare anyone. And then all that positivity seeps out of our hearts. We can get hurt, do feel pain and we do suffer. There are times when we cry, when we lose direction and sight. Sometimes even our minds. And then we stop smiling.

That is the moment I question if I have ever honestly been a happy person.

After all those times of helping others to get out of darkness, do we let the light in ourselves? We block the world out and deal with whatever there is to deal with. Alone. We just do it on our own, turning inward. And then when it’s all done our light and smile are back. And then I realize that I have never disappeared in the process, we just become more ourselves experiencing both essential sides of human existence: darkness and light.

Life is only beautiful if we perceive it to be. We have to live through the bad days to appreciate the good ones. But it is our own decision to be spreading light or darkness during the whole of it. Happiness is a choice. A decision, that everyone of us can make.

Spread the light my friends.

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