How to walk the slackline of life?

The other day I felt like going climbing. I haven’t been doing so for months but that day it felt like the only sensible thing to do. And so I went. It was the first time I stepped into this playground for people some call „grown-ups”. Bouldering and climbing walls, a cross-fit room, a proper gym, ropes hanging from the ceiling. And a slackline.

As my body needed a little time to remember it’s strength, between climbs I started to play on the slackline.

I was trying to walk from one end to the other. Just casually. Putting one foot after the other. Not doing anything special, just walking normal, not even paying attention. Quickly and superficially touching the line. I knew this was not how I was supposed to do it, but I did not want to put more effort into it. I was just passing time between climbs, I was not really there to do slacklining. I fell. I repeated a few times. No improvement. I fell. Then I changed tactics.

I put my weight and focus, my whole self into it. I felt the balance with my whole being and there I stayed. This is how it works! Nothing superficial. It stopped being just something on the side. Yes, it takes a bit more time and effort but in exchange I got something real. I got into balancing and for those moments I was outside of the world, I was just in that little space of the line. Present. And then I fell. It was a much bigger fall, I wasn’t expecting it I was so into balancing.

The question is: Is it worth taking the risk of such a fall? Is it worth it to let go of all our fears in favour of a deeper experience?

Some might say no, because of past falls or bad experiences. And that is just fine too.

It is our decision how to walk a slackline, whether or not to let go of our fears and controls, and eventually we decide how to live our lives. It really only depends on us.

yoga slacker

Choose LIFE my friends : )

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