Samsara, the cycle of life

There are many things we can read about, many things a teacher can tell us. Can we really relate to knowledge when it does not come with experience? We can read thousands of books explaining the same wisdom, if we do not have the experience, we will just slide through the surface of understanding. The truth and wise words can pass by our ears a trillion times, unless we have experienced what’s necessary, we will never truly hear them and grasp their meaning, we will never become one with the truth.

We can blame and question God, life, or the Universe… We can sulk and hold a grudge. But will it make a difference? Will it change our lives and ourselves for the better? Samsara. The cycle of our actions and their consequences.

Life is generous to us. It keeps giving us opportunities to learn. To grow. Do we seem to fall into the same pattern, keep repeating the same mistakes? Should we not learn from our past and thus change our fate? Once I was practicing free throws in basketball. The ball kept hitting the hoop from a very bad angle. I kept trying and it kept hitting the hoop. My coach came there, took the ball away and threw it with all his might against the backboard. Told me to do the same. I did. Then he told me to try again the free throws. I did. And I scored.

The most difficult step is to actually realize that there is a pattern. To see that we are getting back into something that has happened before. As soon as we are aware we are able to change. It does not matter what we change or how. It does not matter how foolish the change might seem. As long as we do something different we have conquered the cycle and mastered our fate.

But to truly grasp the significance of this all, we need to understand that it is absolutely necessary to have the experience itself. Otherwise we would never be able to learn from it.

Be the change.

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