The Scent of The Desert

How can we ever forget how truly wonderful life is. We just live day by day, sometimes passing by The Magic. It is how life works. When we get used to something, it stops being special. It stops being noticable, interesting or anything other than „normal”. Traveling for 5 years made me understand this phenomenon.

The enchantment of novelty

When for the first time I set foot on Asia I was overwhelmed. The scent of the tropics, nature of an untouched land, landscapes of extremes, unknown foreign cultures… Everything was new and everything was exciting. Since then I have been to many places, I have been through many adventures and often my whole being has turned upside down and inside out.

The new always hits me right in the face and in the heart. But what about the things that become usual, the things that become a part of our lives? Can we really get used to anything? Are we so spoiled to say that we and our lives are really nothing but ordinary?

It’s all relative

Wherever we live, whatever we do, whatever we own and however we feel is all just normal to us. Someone who has food and shelter, a living room with a TV, a smart phone, family and friends. Isn’t it all the ushe? Well for us maybe, but what about those who live with much less? Or with much more for that matter? They are not necessarily better or worse off, they just have a different standard of living. Neither is regarding their own life as something worth envying or marveling at.

When you’re living the dream

I do have this feeling of having an absolutely normal life. I travel the world, I make jewelry for a living, I published a book and I’m generally free to do what I feel like and/or can move on anytime. The most spectacular things can lose their power over us when we face them day by day. Be it good or bad it is just a matter of time to re-adjust.


This is why little reminders can change our perception and eventually our life. A word of encouragement from a friend, being acknowledged by a stranger for what we do, feeling appreciated by the ones we’ve been putting our soul in, reading the perfect words in the perfect time. Little signs of the Universe that we are on the right path.


And there are days when we do not need reminders at all. When we rise and smile up at the Sun and feel it’s warmth on our skin. When we look up at the sky and admire the free flowing clouds. When we just stop for a second to breathe in the air and realize the fragrance of wild flowers is mingling with the scent of the vast ocean. When the wind brings the smell of the desert. That is life. That is when I say my life is beautiful. When I am me, inside the whole, part of the whole.

There is magic all around, we just need to let it in. The more we are aware, the more we notice it, the more we appreciate life, the more we LIVE it. And that is the only thing that matters.

Have a day full of light and love.

3 thoughts on “The Scent of The Desert

  1. Hola “CHICA ARCOIRIS”….recién llegado del camino de Santiago, mi vida logra un remanso de paz,tranquilidad y sosiego, y….no deja de sorprenderme el transcurrir de la vida, cada minuto y cada segundo…son un precioso regalo. Curiosamente en estos días estoy trabajando en mi próximo viaje “Marruecos”, si todo fluye tal y como espero será la segunda mitad de Enero, pero…lo más curioso de todo es que el destino o el azar, mientras buscaba opiniones y experiencias sobre este país, me ha llevado hasta este blog. Que cosa tan maravillosa el destino…!!! En ocasiones, en muy raras ocasiones…nos tropezamos en la vida a personas especiales, aquellas que las que sin saber porqué, dejan tras de sí un aroma a familiaridad, son esas personas las que…. como piedras preciosas, quedan engarzadas en nuestros corazones por siempre.
    Te deseo de todo corazón, lo mejor del mundo. Tomo buena nota de tus experiencias, y….me despido de ti con un abrazo enorme.
    Mil gracias por todo y…..” NUNCA TE RINDAS”
    Fdo: David del Amor

    1. Hola David y gracias por el mensaje tan inspirador. Que bueno que el Universo te trajo hacía aquí para encontrar algo para tu próximo viaje. Creo que todos estamos conectados, y especialmente en este mundo de viajar. Espero que tus viajes cumplan todo lo que esperas de ellos, y que sigues siendo ser así como eres, entusiasta, con buenas vibras y con corazón abierto. Mil gracias a ti, y sí, Nunca nos rindamos!

      1. Hola de nuevo “Chica Arcoiris”, no hace mucho el destino me hizo coincidir nuevamente contigo en este mes de Mayo, mes de…”Las Flores” nunca mejor dicho y si son de color rosa, aún mejor, cosa que agradezco profundamente ya que….la paz y sosiego que emanas, se contagia. Siempre es agradable coincidir contigo, y por ello agradecido. Espero tu vida sea plena y feliz, tal y como cada [email protected] de [email protected] decidimos libremente vivir. Continúa con ese alma sonriente, es tu más bella característica….que “Enamora”.
        Paz y Felicidad infinitas para ti.

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