How old are we really?

How would we define our age if we didn’t have the concept of ageing in numbers? What would our answer be to the question: “How old are you?” What are […]


How to walk the slackline of life?

The other day I felt like going climbing. I haven’t been doing so for months but that day it felt like the only sensible thing to do. And so I […]

How real is happiness?

You know those people who are always happy? You know, the ones who are always smiling when you meet them. Who are always positive and light your day up? Whom […]

Samsara, the cycle of life

There are many things we can read about, many things a teacher can tell us. Can we really relate to knowledge when it does not come with experience? We can […]

The Scent of The Desert

How can we ever forget how truly wonderful life is. We just live day by day, sometimes passing by The Magic. It is how life works. When we get used to […]